California Hair Extensions.


1. Can you mix the colours in a pack?
Unfortunately no, all packs are made up of one colour. Albeit, with two or more packs, you can then create a personalised colour formula.

2. How wide are the extensions?
Each tab is 3 cm wide.

3. Will the extensions damage my natural hair?
No, these seamless extensions work in harmony with your own hair and will not pinch, pull or break your own natural hair.

4. How often should I have my extensions reapplied?
You should get 8 - 10 weeks of wear from each application, but this can vary depending on how fast your natural hair grows. For the health of your natural hair and scalp, I recommend the extensions be moved up every 8 weeks.

5. How do you remove the extensions from the hair?
With a special solvent that is sprayed right above the extension. The alcohol based solvent gently breaks down the tape for easy removal without damaging your own hair.

6. Do I need any kind of special shampoo and conditioner?
Yes, all products used on the hair need to be free from Isopropyl or SD Alcohol. This is because the alcohol will break down the unique adhesive strip. I recommend and sell Kevin Murphy products to keep your hair looking salon fabulous!

7. Do I need any special kind of brush?
Yes, whether wet or dry, we recommend a "wet" brush to gently detangle your extensions. This brush prolongs the life of your extensions as well as your scalp!

8. Can the extensions be coloured, bleached, relaxed or permed?
Yes, but we do not recommend it; therefore, we do not offer any of these services on the extensions.

9. How many extensions will I need?
Depending on your natural thickness or how much length you want; the general guideline to add length is 24 - 30 extensions and for added volume only, 10 - 15 extensions.

10. How short is too short to put hair extensions in?
The answer to this question will vary depending on what stylist you talk to. Here at California Hair Extensions, 5 to 6 inches of length is the minimum. We feel that for the extensions to look most natural there needs to be at least this length all over or a short cut with longer layers on top, preferably not a bob style.

Blending short layers into your extensions = a lot of cutting!

Our goal is to create the most beautiful and natural looking hair for you with minimal shaping to the extensions to preserve your investment.

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