Fine, thin hair no more!

Thinning hair can be very common in women of all ages. Often a reduction of follicles can be as a result of iron deficiency (ferritin), stress, diet, metabolic fluctuations or even levels of circulating androgens. The finer the hair, the more tendancy for further breakage, resulting in spiraling hair loss.

California Hair Extensions are a perfect solution for women who struggle with short or fine, thin hair. Let us re- instill that long overdue feeling of confidence by no longer having to be self-conscious about how your hair looks. Just when you thought your only option was to wear a hot scratchy uncomfortable wig or hair piece to solve this problem, finally, we can offer you the most comfortable solution without damaging your own existing hair!

Tape-in extensions provides an even and broader weight distribution to the hair as not to create too much tension on the delicate natural root, which can pull the hair out. They are lightweight, flat and completely undetectable, allowing for great flexibility and movement through the hair for different hairstyles.

Build health, vitality and volume back into your own hair with as few as just 12 extensions!


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