Recommended Maintenance Products

I believe to ensure the most successful results with California Hair Extensions is to be completely equipped with the necessary products to keep your new hair looking and feeling soft and natural.

Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate.Me and Angel Hair is the only shampoo & moisturizer I recommend for maintaining tape-in hair extensions to keep them looking salon fabulous! Kevin Murphy shampoo’s delicately cleanses your hair without stripping it. Emulsifying sulfate and paraben free recovery shampoo that thickens and strengthens.

As one of two salon brands that are leading the way in organic beauty. KM supplies a 100% fashion focused hair care products endorsed by PETA, clearly setting the bar for environmental friendly hair products!

Hydrate.Me Wash: Contains micro algae for radiance and Kakadu Plum to maintain levels of collagen and elastin, essential for healthy lustrous hair. 250mls - £15.00

Hydrate.Me Rinse: Contains micro algae for radiance and extracts of colloidal silver for a mirror like shine. Instant hydrating and detangling properties from evening primrose oil infuse the hair with moisture and gloss. Excellent for super dry hair and over worked hair extensions. 250mls - £15.00

Angel Wash: Infused with Aloe, Milk Proteins and Olive Esters to gently protect your hair in a low foam formulation, the Angelica Root extract and essential oil of Grapefruit gently cleanse stressed out hair and controls frizz. 250mls - £15.00

Angel Rinse Conditioner: A delicate moisturising conditioner for fine, dry hair. Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter and Chamomile gently repair damaged hair without adding heavy waxes or oils, keeping your hair soft and protected. 250mls - £15.00

The Wet brush- Classic Wet Brush effortlessly detangles wet, or dry hair without stretching or breaking your delicate strands. Ergonomically designed with a rubber coated, non-slip handle, this is ideal for eliminating post-wash knots and reinvigorating your scalp – as well as for smoothing and separating dry hair, excellent for maintaining your hair extensions - £10.00







Kevin Murphy Products

The Wet brush

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