Virtually invisible,
affordable and versitile

The Strip

The ultra-fine natural extension comes in a 3cm wide strip and is "sandwiched" with another strip between a fine horizontal parting of your existing hair. Typically 24 - 30 sandwiches will nicely compose a full, thick head of long hair, but amount can vary due to what is required and personal taste. California Hair Extensions offer 2 standard lengths of 25cm and 40cm for those longer looks. We also offer 50cm lengths in a limited selection of colours for those who want to make a statement.

All our Fashion Fun shades are made from a blend of natural hair and synthetic fibres which can be conveniently heat-based styled and comes in a 8cm wide strip in 40-45cm lengths with 8 vibrant head-turning shades to compose a dramatic glamorous look for almost any occasion.

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