Only 100% remy human hair extensions used

Tape-in Hair Extensions - Trichology Applications

How to achieve more hair, more
creative colour without the damage

Tape-in hair extensions are not just for long Rapunzel-like tresses, it's a fantastic alternative solution for fine, thinning hair, (see Thinning and Fine Hair) creating non damaging colour effects and filling in sparser areas around the face, where hair is needed.

Fine / thinning hair - The unique flat, undetectable design of tape-in extensions allows me to place hair up into the crown area, something other extensions methods cannot do.

Non damaging, non-fading colour - one of the fun aspects of tape-in hair extensions is designing the perfect colour combination just for you! Even if you don't need added length or volume to your hair, but don't want to stress your hair with chemicals, do it with extensions! Highlights, lowlights or even express yourself with vivid fashion colours or even advertise your company colours with six bold colours to choose from.

Tape-in extensions are great for balancing out uneven colour or keeping fading reds, browns and blonds vibrant for weeks on end with just 10 - 12 extensions!

Thicker hair around your face - do you have plenty of hair in the back, but lack length and volume around your face?

Increase Adding as few as 6 tap-in extensions can balance the length from the front to the back, making your hair look even longer and thicker than before.

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