What voids the warranty?

The use of any type of intense heat source directly on the extension strip (blow dryer, curling iron, straightening iron, hot rollers etc.)

Not using recommended or approved products by California Hair Extensions. We cannot guarantee the longevity of our extensions with the use of any type of alcohol, sulfate or paraben based products directly on or in the general area of the extension strip, anything of this nature will loosen the adhesive bond.

Using the wrong kind of styling implements, brushes or combs that are not recommended can pull and loosen the strip and therefore, weaken the strip.

Failing to wait 48 -72 hours before shampooing after the extensions have been applied.

Tampering with the extensions, such as pulling, picking or tugging unnecessarily.

We at California Hair Extensions realise your investment into your hair, therefore, we feel it is important that you continue the commitment by properly maintaining your extensions to instill longevity and the best possible health to you own natural hair, as well as your new extensions.








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