Olaplex Treatment - repairing damaged hair


Olaplex Treatment - for broken and damaged hair

The new “Buzz” word in hair colouring is Olaplex!

If you haven’t heard or read anything about this mysterious product call Olaplex, you will! What, exactly is it and what can it do for you, you may ask? Well, allow me to ease your mind and possibly help your tired hair get back on the road to an instant recovery.

Bonds, hair bonds!

Hair is made up of a series of protein chains held together by links of chemical and physical bonds that give hair its shape, colour and strength. Paired disulfide bonds or side bonds play a major role in the foundation of your hairs strength and elasticity; therefore it’s important to keep these bonds together to maintain the health and vitality of your hair.

What makes your hair weak?

When colouring, perming or straightening the hair it is necessary to break the disulfide bonds and reform them to create the colour, curl or smoother hair you desire. Some chemical treatments break the bonds but cannot chemically reform them, therefore, leaving the hair weak and vulnerable to breakage.

Where did Olaplex come from?

Up until December 2014, there was nothing available to American stylists or consumers that could help to rebuild or restructure a disulfide bond, not even the best quality moisturizer could achieve such a feat. But with the innovation and determination of a Californian by the name of Dean Christal and his team of PHD chemists, together invented a “bond multiplier” with a single ingredient that has changed the limits in hair colouring over night! Finally, Olaplex has hit the UK!

How can Olaplex help your hair?

If your hair suffers from consistently colouring, highlighting or bleach and/ or exposed to hair dryers, irons, and the elements then you’re the perfect candidate for Olaplex.

Olaplex reconnects broken Sulphur bonds, leaving your hair stronger, healthier and shinier than ever before in just one treatment!

Olaplex can be added directly into your colour formula or used as an independent 2-step treatment. The third step is a take home weekly maintenance conditioner to keep your hair healthy and strong until your next colour appointment.

Olaplex is ideal for hair that won’t grow as a result of breakage, especially around the face; and as a pre strengthening treatment prior to hair extension installations.

Olaplex gives you the insurance to have the most beautiful, healthy hair you thought was impossible to achieve!

Cindi Paines, California Hair Extensions





Before Olaplex Treatment
After Olaplex Treatment

The three stages of an Olaplex Treatment





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